About Me

Aziz Patrawala

I Used To Weigth 128lbs…

Thats me, in 2021 before I toughed a weight.

Over the next 3-4 years I had a crazy transformation, where at my peak I reached 215lbs.

Since I have cut down to 190-195lbs with my abs now visible, and pushing a more shredded look.

All in all, my articles have a special ✨ to them, that emanates from my powerful lived experience


I always wanted to be muscular and shredded, but all my past attempts had previously failed.

Running on the elliptical and doing an air rower machine after did not give me a v-taper, make me shredded, and mself etchign myself to box and hitting a heavy bag did not make my arms pythons.

FOrtueneutly. When I was in grade, about 16 at the time, I decided enough was enough. I put aside the beliefs that many people close tome told me, that previously stopped me from starting to lift weights (if you workout you’ll stunt your growth, or lifting weights will hurt your body)

I bought some free weights, for less than $1000 using some money from working summer jobs, and made a home gym in the basement of my parents house.

Then I started working out, and my entire lifestyle changed

Mye rating habits when from unhealthy to healthy (drinking maple syrup(not literally bti using a lot), to mot touching sugar aside from a cheat day , now never touching it ever (no cheat days)

My sleep habits went from who knows what, to regimented, 7:40 pm sleep, 4:40 am wake up,

My social media,watching movies/shows and playing video games all the time, became reading bodybuilding books, studying bodybuilders and understanding everything I could about health, gaining muscle, losing fat, performing exercises the right way, training plans, diets and much more!

And much much more

Health and fitness changed my life, I know tons about it, and am deeply passionate about it, and this blog is the result of my passion and experience

Here I bring together quality, comprehensive, simple content so you can confidently achieve your dream body.

Other Fun facts About Me

  • Left high school in grade 11 (dropped out) to start my own business (at the time freelance writing)
  • Sept 28, 2023 – Present day walking with either crutches or a cane (I joined the military, got injured 3 weeks into training (an overuse injury) (i am no longer in the military)
  • Written over 100s (300+) of blog posts and created over 100s, (400-500+) youtube videos

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